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Nephilim Magazine – Issue 8

Nephilim Magazine – Issue 8

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Nephilim Magazine – Issue 8 Nephilim Magazine – Issue 8 Nephilim Magazine – Issue 8 Nephilim Magazine – Issue 8


Nephilim Magazine is an independent (not owned by a corporation) publication, featuring the best in beauty, fashion, art, entertainment, and culture from around the world. Our features have included detailed spotlights on previously virtually unknown amateur prodigies and seasoned award-winning celebrities alike.

Forget the lame old concept of a magazine having to be either mainstream or alternative. Including some alternative themed content in each issue doesn’t make it an alternative beauty, fashion, and art magazine. It makes is a beauty, fashion, and art magazine… period! Yes, while some magazines feature mainstream beauty, fashion, and art, others feature alternative and edgier imagery such as as goth, punk, artistic nude, science fiction, and fantasy genres. Nephilim features all of the above and so much more. Stop being so black and white.

While we do produce some in-house content for publication, most is contributed by creative teams from all over the world in exchange for their skills being seen by our massive network of followers (over 80,000). Since our launch 2 years ago, we have published the work of talent from the Americas, Scotland, Israel, Russia, The Africas, China, Australia, and beyond, and we’re only just beginning.

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