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Nude Magazine – Numero 3 – Earth Issue

Nude Magazine – Numero 3 – Earth Issue

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Issue description:
NUDE is a premiere nude photography Magazine featuring the world’s top photographer. Published quarterly, every issue holds the very best work from our artists, models and the creative teams they work with. Subscribers get the online issue 3 days before everyone else. NUDE is published 5 times a year (every 3 months) Follow us on IG: Nude_Magazine_print and on Twitter @MagazineNude

Models in this issue:
Alice Sergeantice, Roarie Yum, Thasia Dias, Anastasiia Poranko, Gloria Fregonese, Shawna Bates, Beatrice Farcas, Sophie Moet, Kiko, Francy Torino, Maisy Taylor, Nikita Crombie, Falvio Pereira, Rosa Brighid, Becky Burton, Agnieszka Ewa Nowak Edelmann, Asmina Iglesou, Katerina Voronina, Veronika Evdokimova, Stelle, Anastasia Krudu, Viktoria Ivanova, Alyssa, Valeria Vasilenko, Corrina Walther, Ayse, Valentina, Raphaela

Vassilis Pitoulis, Massimo Vecchi, Thomas Holm, Jeremy Gobbs, Marc Boily, Terry King, Iain Lea