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Vanquish Magazine – March 2016 – Milanya Marie

Vanquish Magazine – March 2016 – Milanya Marie

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International Glamour and Entertainment Magazine. Featuring Gorgeous Kitten of the Month: Milanya Maria
Models: Amalina, Julia Faye West, Cindie Louu, Eleonora Mendez, Milanya Maria, Jasmine Ferguson, Dominic, Lindsay Morrison, Jen Republic, Tarryn Trollip, Brooke McEntire, Brooke Weisbender-Wadsworth, Bonnie Leigh, Valeria Yañez, Alanna Canez, Kristy Jessica, Myla Fraga, Tayla Bullen
Photographers: Gary Miller Foto, Lescablair, Visual Poison, Gary Holmes, William Muñoz, George Hatzipantelis, Nathan Drake Photography, BPS Imagery, Brett Blignaut, David Sutton Photography, Phil Bailey Photography, Javier Castaño, BSL Images, Andrew Ho Photography