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Magazine Distributor Comparisons

Here you will find a comparison between the top Magazine Distributors: Magforest, Magcloud, Magzter & Amazon

Magforest Magcloud Magzter Amazon
Payments Instant Monthly Monthly Monthly
Paypal Paypal Instant Payment PayPal Paid Monthly Bank Account Paid Monthly Bank Account Paid Monthly
Commission 75% 70% 50% 55% (70% minus service fees)
No Delivery Fees Yes Yes No No
Drag & Drop Upload Yes No No No
Uses PDFs Yes Yes Yes No
PDF Security Yes No No No
Print on Demand Yes Yes No Yes
A4 Size Prints Yes No No No
A4 Size Magazines Yes No Yes Yes
Apps Yes No Yes Yes
Publisher Store Yes Yes No No
Affiliate System Yes No No Yes
Affiliate Websites Yes No No Yes
Special Categories Yes No No Yes

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