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Magforest is an Online Distribution Platform for Magazine Publishers & Readers.
We specialise purely on Digital Downloads – PDF Magazines.

We aim to provide a high quality and diverse Magazine Distribution Service.
Our Purpose is to empower Magazine Publishers, Photographers and Models to earn money
from a Magazine Distribution Platform, with a wide range of tools at their disposal.



  • Magforest Publishers Earn %50 on ALL Sales.
  • Free to Join, No Hidden Upload Fees or plans. %100 Completely Free.
  • Extremely Easy and Powerful Interface
  • Instant Paypal Payments. We use a Paypal Split Payment System to instantly pay our Publishers. 
  • Most Distribution platforms offer %35 on sales, we offer %50 instant payments.
  • Permanent Passive Income
  • A wide range of Categories


  • Magforest Affiliates Earn %10 on ALL Sales from Referrals.
  • Ideal for Webmasters, Models & Photographers
  • Permanent Passive Income
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MicroMAGs is a powerful publications service we provide to Photographers & Models to empower
them to feature their photo sets as Micro Magazines and earn money.

  • Ideal for Photographers & Models with photo sets to publish.
  • For more info on creating MicroMags visit  http://www.MicroMAG.co